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ECOTECH Water Services brochure

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ECOTECH Water Services brochure


COMPLETE INTEGRATED WATER SYSTEMS: The ECOTECH Water Quality Monitoring Station (WQMS) is the ideal system to measure and sample water discharge or run-off. Real-time water quality data can be viewed online from remote linked water quality stations including, pH, EC, Level, Temperature, ORP, DO and Turbidity parameters. These stations can be engineered to be nomadic, self-powering and secure with very low maintenance requirements. The system automates monitoring and collection and sends a notification via SMS or email when a sample collection is made or an exceedance level is measured. WQMS can be installed insitu down bores, in rivers or process lines and be built to accommodate a variety of power options, such as mains, solar, hydro or wind. WATER ANALYSER AND INSTRUMENTATION: Our range of water instrumentation and systems cover an array of specialist products. Whatever industry you’re in, and whatever your need, ECOTECH will have the right monitoring system for the job. We offer products from several specialist manufacturers. Each one has been chosen for a range of applications and backed by the expertise that make ecotech a trusted name in water monitoring. We partner with the world’s top manufacturers, such as: • Tethys multi-parameter monitors • Chemitec process instruments • Maxx specialty water samplers • Mercury Instruments for mercury in water analysers • Los Gatos Research water isotopes analysers • Aquaread multi-parameter sondes. ABOUT ECOTECH: Problem solved Problem solving is in our DNA. For over 40 years ECOTECH has pioneered innovative solutions in environmental monitoring for air, water, gas, blast, particulate and dust. Headquartered in Australia, we now operate in more than 80 countries, manage over 440 real-time environmental monitoring sites and are certified to internationally recognised quality standards. ECOTECH is part of the ACOEM Group. ABOUT ACOEM: Reduce your environmental impact In today’s fast-moving world, the environment is increasingly impacted. The ACOEM Group is committed to sustainable development and helping companies and public authorities limit their environmental impact. Across the world, ACOEM’s 670 employees innovate in the measurement, analysis and control of all environmental parameters through the 01dB, ECOTECH, ONEPROD, FIXTURLASER, MEAX and METRAVIB brands. For more information visit ECOTECH Pty Ltd (Global Head Office) 1492 Ferntree Gully Road Knoxfield VIC 3180 Melbourne Australia +61 3 9730 7800 [email protected] Specifications subject to change without notice. © 2017 ECOTECH Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 20170804


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"Very efficient. Competitive pricing. The reminders, I’m so busy in my job that it’s so great to have a reminder to do something. It really helps me.
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