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ECOTECH Water Services brochure

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ECOTECH Water Services brochure


Water is life Industries are becoming more concerned with not just monitoring water usage but also the levels of pollutants that may enter waterways as a result of their processes Whether you are working within: • Mining companies, seeking services for compliance, discharge, water balance investigative monitoring; • Environmental specialist companies, looking for data in real-time to allow for highly accurate modelling; • Heavy industry, such as refineries and smelters, where process water quality and discharge can be an issue; • Government and councils, interested in flow and stream height monitoring as well as industry discharge; We have developed monitoring systems and services to address the need to sustain quality of water. Accurate realtime results are imperative as the impacts of contaminated water can be catastrophic. Whether monitoring for industrial compliance, environment sustainability, restoration, livelihood, or food and water preservation, we are acutely aware of the importance of reliable water monitoring. REGULATIONS REQUIRE MONITORING OF: • Environmental health of ecosystems, fauna and flora; • Human health to maintain availability and prevent disease; • Water balance to monitor rainfall, evaporation, human usage; and • Industry to assess internal controls, regulated controls, process quality and discharge.

THE ECOTECH WATER SAMPLING SERVICE Mobilisation for water sampling. Combining experience with technology, ecotech’s water sampling service is structured to systematically programme sampling operations for customers. A team of specialist field technicians trained in NATA accredited field monitoring procedures will work with site project managers to deliver a reliable, cost-effective system in accordance with strict regulatory standards. ONLINE WATER MANAGEMENT Ecotech uses a customisable water monitoring database — the Environmental Water Monitoring System (EWMS). The EWMS enables storage of detailed site information including GPS mapping and specifications, as well as full sample histories. Scheduling can be preset to ensure no monitoring or analysis requirements are missed and triggers will alert technicians of exceedances or anomalies. There is an automated chain of custody and samples are traceable from site to our NATA endorsed reports accredited lab. The database can be accessed via any device with internet access and data reports can be exported in a variety of formats. NATA ACCREDITED WATER LABORATORY Detection, measurement and monitoring are entirely dependent on certifiable accuracy. ECOTECH’S WATER SAMPLING CAPABILITIES: Groundwater sampling — bores and aquifiers. Low-flow, high-flow monitor sampling along with production and recovery sampling. ecotech has a fully operational NATA accredited water quality laboratory and accredited reports can be issued for all water quality analyses covered under ecotech’s current scope. ecotech is NATA accredited for field sampling techniques and reporting for most insitu water quality measurements. Surface water sampling — rivers, dams, deltas and marshes. Grab sampling and insitu monitoring of weirs, gauging stations, rainfall and evaporation. Potable water sampling — drinking, grey water, irrigation. Bacterial and chemical analysis via source point sampling of dams and tanks along with random and end point sampling of cribrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and office taps. Waste water sampling — storm, industry, sumps, tanks and drains. Grab and composite sampling from gauging stations and weirs.


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