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(Continued from page 13) Mitigating dangers in the workplace Fire drills are an important part of mitigating risk in the workplace. Knowing what to look for and how to identify it is relevant to not only business, but also everyday life, as fires can happen anywhere (e.g. car fire caused by leaking fuel lines). Ignition sources next to fuel sources, such as a powerpoint next to a ream of paper, or even dry grass on a hot day, can set off a powerful blaze if not controlled. “ There are different ignition and fuel sources for fires, however they all come back to the Fire Safety Triangle – oxygen, heat and fuel all need to be present. ” Paper (in office environments) and kitchen (appliances out of date or not being tested regularly) are the most commonly occurring fires in the workplace. Electrical fires are also increasing (such as broken or frayed phone chargers). Other significant risks in the workplace include gas bottles and use of old powerpoints that trip out by a spark running through them. However, previously common fires, like the flammable gas type, are decreasing thanks to better technology such as auto shut-off valves. Different extinguishers are used for different fires. Chemical powder is good for almost all fires, except it is corrosive. CO 2 carbon dioxide extinguishers are used for electrical fires, and cools and cleans without damaging items. However, selection could be made on urgency and necessity if there are time restraints. ECOTECH holds Australian Standard Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems AS 4801. If you would like to know more about Health and Safety systems at ECOTECH, please visit Fire Safety Triangle – all three of these elements need to be present to start a fire, however if one element is removed, the fire should be able to be put out. TOGETHER 2019 Issue 6

Stop Wishing, Start Doing For millions of people around the world just like you, making a New Year’s resolution is a tradition we share. For some it’s a bit of harmless fun. For others the tradition is the perfect moment to stop something in their lives and start doing something new, something different, something better. What will you STOP wishing and START doing in 2019? At ECOTECH, we believe together we create solutions that shape the future. What will you do for the future? What will you do to reduce your environmental impact? “ What will you STOP wishing and START doing to create solutions that shape the future? ” Let 2019 be the start of a brighter future for: • breathing cleaner air • building smarter cities • connecting smart industries • reducing our environmental impact • contributing to a safer world. For more information visit, and watch the 40 second “Stop Wishing Start Doing” video. 15

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