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Protecting Mines &

Protecting Mines & Tailings Dams with ECOTECH Dynamaster ® Blast & Vibration Monitoring Systems ECOTECH Dynamaster ® blast & vibration monitoring solutions are an integral safety component for Australia’s mining industry. Tailings dams are an essential component of mining infrastructure, holding the water that is used during ore mining and processing. Although governed by strict regulations in Australia, tailings dams can still fail or collapse. But risks can be mitigated through accurate blast and vibration monitoring. Tailings dam failures can be triggered by a number of man-made and natural causes including blasts, vehicle movement, earthquakes or other seismic activity. These failures can lead to operational down time, mine suspensions or closures and tragically, even loss of life and environmental catastrophes when waste contaminates water sources. Whilst failures of this type are rare in Australia, events like the devastating January 2019 disaster in Minas Gerais, Brazil is an important reminder of the need for mining operations to be vigilant in their monitoring operations. TOGETHER 2019 Issue 5

How do you ensure that the integrity of tailings dams is not compromised by excessive vibration or earth movement? Certified & Accredited ECOTECH’s blast & vibration monitoring system, which is certified to international recognised quality standards, can help provide valuable data to minimise potential failures. ECOTECH is the only NATA and ISO17025 accredited company for blast monitoring and data collection in Australia. Real-world experience has garnered ECOTECH a reputation for excellence in this field with its Dynamaster ® blast & vibration monitoring system. ECOTECH operates the largest network of blast and vibration monitoring systems for mines in Australia, providing a heightened level of protection for mine sites and tailings dams. It provides significant resources to protect numerous mining companies and communities nationally. “Having the right tools to mitigate risk and improve safety outcomes is essential,” said Michael Preston, ECOTECH Strategic Business Development Manager. “That’s why our Dynamaster ® system is the only blast & vibration monitoring system in the country operated to internationally recognised quality standards. Not to mention the dedicated team of ECOTECH engineers and Dynamaster ® technicians further setting us apart.” “ ECOTECH is the only NATA and ISO17025 accredited company for blast monitoring and data collection in Australia. ” “Dynamaster’s reliability and continuous high-data capture rate is designed to give peace of mind and significantly reduce the risk of non-compliance with regulations,” said Michael. The fully integrated ECOTECH Dynamaster ® system can be purchased or rented for long-term projects. With the addition of a vibration frequency analysis feature, the Dynamaster ® system also allows for accurate assessment of potential structural damage and control for future blasting. (Continues on page 6) 5


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