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ECOTECH TOGETHER magazine Issue 3

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ECOTECH TOGETHER magazine issue 3

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(Continued from page 3) The ability to monitor air quality while the van is moving is a significant advantage of using the Aurora nephelometer combined with gas analysers inside the vehicle. Four Ambilabs ® ERVs have been deployed in North America. However, the dramatic fire events of the 2017 summer/early autumn season in North America have led to an increased level of inquiries from government and environmental agencies wanting to learn how ERVs with Aurora nephelometers can be used for different emergency response applications in the future. For more about the Ambilabs ® Emergency Response Vehicles, please email [email protected] “ The ability to monitor air quality while the van is moving is a significant advantage of using the Aurora nephelometer. ” For more information about the range of ECOTECH Aurora integrating nephelometers please contact Felicity Sharp at [email protected] or visit At the heart of the Ambilabs ® Emergency Response Vehicle is the ECOTECH Aurora 3000 nephelometer. TOGETHER 2018 Issue 3

Sintrol DUMO uses Inductive Electrification to Produce Better Dust Trending Indication The Sintrol DUMO is a revolutionary dust trend monitoring device, tailor made for the mining industry and distributed exclusively in Australia by ECOTECH. Main pic: The Sintrol DUMO at work mounted on a mine haul truck in Western Australia. Sintrol DUMO: A small but robust dust trending device suitable for above and below ground mining operations. The DUMO (pronounced “dew-mo”) was recently mounted on a mine haul truck during successful field trials in Western Australia (WA). ECOTECH instruments are synonymous with excellence in dust and particulate monitoring. For several decades ECOTECH has worked closely with the mining industry and environmental agencies in WA to ensure environmental regulation compliance, and the health and safety of mining employees and local communities. This new technology complements the ECOTECH range of dust monitoring devices. (Continues on page 6) 5


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