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ECOTECH TOGETHER magazine Issue 3

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ECOTECH TOGETHER magazine issue 3

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(Continued from page 19) creates opportunities for our clients to find new value in specialised and interconnected environmental solutions we create together,” said Christophe. For more information visit, and or look out for the next Acoustics event in Adelaide, South Australia, 6-9 November 2018. “ 01dB and ECOTECH are creating new opportunities to work together to promote our collective range of environmental monitoring products and services. ” TOGETHER 2018 Issue 3

Reduce your environmental impact Together We Create Sustainable & Innovative Solutions that Shape the Future A strong focus on sustainability and innovation shapes every ACOEM brand, including ACOEM Environment stablemates ECOTECH and 01dB. Around the world in 2018, ACOEM brands and its people are: • Designing the future of mobility (METRAVIB DESIGN) • Training machines to learn (ONEPROD, FIXTURLASER & MEAX) • Enhancing global security (METRAVIB DEFENCE) • Making cities smarter (ECOTECH & 01dB). Together, ECOTECH and 01dB are creating solutions that will shape the future of smart cities. Watch the 75 sec ACOEM Group 2018 video.Visit Smart Cities need accurate, reliable and affordable continuous monitoring of infrastructure and industrial activities, including sensors for air pollution, particulate matter, and noise and vibration monitoring. High-quality measurement and functionalities allows cost-effective and integrated maintenance applications for Smart Cities. For more information visit 21


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"Very efficient. Competitive pricing. The reminders, I’m so busy in my job that it’s so great to have a reminder to do something. It really helps me.
I’m very happy".

- Tim Cannon – Research and Development Manager; Pecan Engineering Pty Ltd