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ECOTECH Spirant BAM spec sheet

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ECOTECH Spirant BAM spec sheet

ECOTECH Spirant BAM spec

Spirant BAM PARTICULATE MONITOR OPERATIONS The Spirant BAM uses the beta ray attenuation method to measure particulate concentration. Every hour, a small 14 C (carbon - 14) element emits a constant source of high-energy electrons (known as beta rays) through a spot of clean filter tape. These beta rays are detected and counted by a sensitive scintillation detector to determine a zero reading. The instrument automatically advances this spot of tape to the sample nozzle, where a vacuum pump then pulls a measured and controlled amount of dust-laden air through the filter tape, loading it with ambient dust. The Spirant BAM automatically measures and records airborne particulate concentrations using the beta ray attenuation method. It is designated by the US EPA as Federal Equivalent Method for PM 10 and PM 2.5 monitoring. DESIGNATIONS Spirant BAM 1000: • PM 10 : FEM (EQPM-0798-122) AS/NZS 3580.9.11.2016 • Korean approval NIER (AACMS-2019-04) Spirant BAM 1100: • PM 2.5 : Class III FEM, (EQPM-0308-170) AS/NZS 3580.9.12:2013 • Korean approval NIER (APMC2-2019-01) FEATURES • Long term unattended remote operation of up to 60 days between site visits • Automatic hourly span checks • Fast and easy field audits using common audit tools • Rugged anodised aluminium, stainless steel, and baked enamel construction • Highly accurate, reliable, and mechanically simple flow system • Hourly filter advances minimise effects on volatile compounds • Real-time particulate monitoring option • Advanced Smart Heater technology precisely controls sample relative humidity • Integrated datalogger allows the connection of up to six additional meteorological sensors with 182 days of data storage. At the end of the hour, the dust laden spot is placed back between the beta source and the detector, thereby causing an attenuation of the beta ray signal. This is then used to determine the mass of particulate matter on the filter tape and volumetric concentration of particulate matter in ambient air. Measurement data, configuration files, error logs, and flow statistics are stored in its internal data logger and are available via RS232 using common terminal programs and Ecotech Airodis software. Digital dataloggers may obtain data from the unit using serial port commands or by recording the automatic hourly serial output. The Spirant BAM performs continuous user selected evaluation of a variety of criteria for data validation including flow statistics and a comprehensive set of error codes such as power, flow, hardware, tape, nozzle, beta count and span check errors. MAINTENANCE Designed to run continuously with only monthly or bi-monthly scheduled maintenance - a single roll of filter tape will last for more than 60 days. The instrument also contains a comprehensive self-test function which allows the unit to test itself for any mechanical failures in the tape control system.


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