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ECOTECH Serinus Gas Calibrators

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ECOTECH Serinus Gas Calibrators. The gold standard for reliability and accuracy in air monitoring.

The new gold standard

The new gold standard SERINUS® CAL 3000 Reliability, accuracy and precision are hallmarks of ECOTECH’s product range. It’s why ECOTECH’s Calibrators have long been trusted worldwide. With the launch of the new Serinus ® range of Gas Calibrators, those hallmarks have been retained and honed, while usability takes a bold leap forward. Epitomising this, the Serinus ® Cal 3000 includes an ozone photometer for the accurate creation and delivery of ozone concentrations when calibrating ozone analysers. The photometer accurately and continuously measures the ozone concentration to control output of the internal ozone generator, providing an accurate ozone source for routine ozone calibration. FEATURES New Serinus® Cal user interface makes all functions simple and intuitive In-built photometer and ozone generator for use as a Level 3 ozone transfer standard Ozone photometer based on the reliable and proven technology used in the Serinus® 10 gas analyser.

THE SERINUS® STORY Developing a new generation in ozone calibration. Nothing matters more to us at ECOTECH than protecting workforces, communities and the environment. By helping to protect them, we help you protect your organisation’s crucial reputation. For decades, we’ve played a lead role in air quality monitoring. Along the way we’ve learnt a lot, including the absolutely essential role of gas calibration. GLOBAL PROBLEM. ECOTECH SOLUTION. Ground level ozone is one of the pollutant gases monitored and regulated by most governments around the world. It is a component of smog, harmful to the environment and human health. To accurately measure ozone, the gas analysers which monitor its levels need to be regularly maintained and calibrated. Problem is, ozone is reactive and unstable: it cannot be kept in a gas cylinder for any practical length of time. Therefore the ozone concentration must be generated and verified on site. The International Bureau of Weights & Measures (BIPM) in France maintains a standard reference photometer as the world’s ozone reference standard. At ECOTECH, we maintain the traceability of ozone calibrations to a network of reference photomoters which report back to the ultimate BIPM so we can produce internationally comparable data for ozone monitoring. That way, you know your Serinus ® Calibrator is delivering against the gold standard. | 7


Spec Sheets




Spec Sheets

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