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Acoem Serinus Cal 3000 spec sheet

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Acoem Serinus Cal 3000 spec sheet

Acoem Serinus Cal 3000 spec

Serinus ® Cal 3000 Gas Dilution Calibrator with Internal Ozone Generator & Ozone Photometer (ozone transfer standard) Reliability, accuracy and precision are hallmarks of Acoem’s product range. It’s why Acoem’s Calibrators have long been trusted worldwide. The Acoem Serinus Cal 3000* includes an ozone photometer for the accurate creation and delivery of ozone concentrations when calibrating ozone analysers. The photometer accurately and continuously measures the ozone concentration to control output of the internal ozone generator, providing an accurate ozone source for routine ozone calibration. * Acoem Serinus Cal 3000 formerly known as Ecotech Serinus Cal 3000.

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