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Acoem Noise & Vibration Monitoring pop up fabric media wall 22021004 print ready artwork

Acoem Noise & Vibration Monitoring pop up fabric media wall 22021004 print ready

Noise & Vibration Monitoring Fusion ACT-400 4G S MART S O U N D & V I B RAT I O N ANALY S E R All-weather, hyper-connected sound level meter guarantees accuracy & high-speed connectivity with IEC 61672 certification, built-in 4G modem, GPS & WiFi MICROPHONE & MONITORING STATION Acoustic connect terminal combines the precision of a class 1 microphone with the protection of an outdoor kit & full connectivity via Cadence Cadence NOISE MONITORING & MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IoT monitoring platform that integrates with all Acoem noise monitoring devices. 24 x 7 x 365 access to an intuitive interface via connected devices ATD GUNSHOT & ACOUSTIC THREAT DETECTION Detect, localise, raise an alarm & communicate with security cameras, automatically directing them to the precise location of the threat Cube 4G SMART NOISE MONITORING TERMINAL Orion SMART VIBRATION MONITORING TERMINAL Weatherproof case with built-in 4G modem, externally accessible WiFi/GSM/GPS antennae & IEC 61672 certification. Connect a camera for real-time audio & video event Robust, waterproof, easy to configure & use. All-in-one vibration monitoring system with integrated sensor, modem, WiFi, GPS & smart integration of vibration standards detection


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