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ACOEM NEST i4.0 Predictive Maintenance Software brochure

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ACOEM NEST i4.0 Predictive Maintenance Software brochure 20200904

ACOEM NEST i4.0 Predictive Maintenance Software

NEST i4.0 Predictive Maintenance Software This Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) version of the Nest integrates your entire condition monitoring program: • Fast visual insight into potential machinery health issues • Allows secure worldwide access to your program’s data set. • Software augmented diagnostic and predictive analysis: based on OneProd’s 30 years of expertise in preventive maintenance technology PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE, MEET BIG DATA Machine Health Matrix Fast, easy identification of the health of your machines • Analyze a machine’s health in just one screen • Overview of all parameters and easy drill-down to each individual parameter and point • Manage and access data for even the largest machines • Full reporting capability • Add parameters and points as needed • Direct access to waveforms and spectra • Easily locate and identify possible defects Bearing Defect Factor • Evaluates the roller/ ball bearing health automatically • Continously grows during the bearing life cycle • Early fault detection Shock Finder Index HarmoniX Index • Full frequency high resolution merged spectrum • Quantifies harmonic families in spectra automatically • Easy shock identification and diagnostic • Quantifies shocks automatically in the time waveform Accurex automatic machinery diagnostics • The color of the machine (Green, Yellow, Red) corresponds to the first level diagonostic and shows the urgency of the analysis • Results of faults identified are pre-filled and can be modified by the user


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