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Acoem Model 8301 Series Zero Air Generators spec sheet

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Acoem Model 8301 Series Zero Air Generators spec sheet

Acoem Model 8301 Series Zero Air Generators spec sheet

8301 Series Zero Air Generators BENEFITS Model 8301 LC • Either a 19" rack-mounted enclosure or a portable version • Provides in excess of 10 lpm of zero air. Model 8301 LC-H • A high capacity variant providing in excess of 20 lpm. Model 8301 P • Provides in excess of 9 lpm of zero air at a pressure of 200 KPa — ideal for use with dilution gas calibrators. Model 8301-H • A high capacity constant air source 8301 LC Zero Air Generator • Includes a low dew point dryer to provide -40 °C dew point air at 10 lpm. SPECIFICATIONS 8301 P Portable Zero Air Generator The Acoem 8301 Series of Zero Air Generator series (formerly known as the Ecotech 8301 Series) has been designed to supply zero (contaminant-free) air to a dilution calibration system, such as the GasCal 1100. The system comprises a compressed air source, permeation dryer and application-specific optional scrubbers producing clean, dry dilution quality “zero air.” The LC versions include an external Logic Control connection to activate the air source when air is required by the calibrator. The low dew point 8301-H includes a two stage membrane dryer that can provide ultra dry air at high flows — ideal for use with aerosol dryers used in the ACS 1000. Zero air flow: Protection: Zero air pressure: Dew Point: Power: Air scrubbers: Size: 0-10 lpm (std for 8301 LC) 0-20 lpm (std for 8301 LC-H) 0-9 lpm at 200 kPa (std for 8301 P) Pump is thermally protected 100-200 kPa 200 kPa (nominal for portable version) -15° C (nominal)* (-40° C for low dew point 8301-H) 220 VAC 50 Hz (115 VAC 60 Hz optional) Air clean-up canister for removal of: NO x , NO, NO 2 , O 3 , SO 2 , & H 2 S Less < 0.1 ppb Optional: Air cleanup canister for NH 3 or CO 2 8301 LC and 8301 LC-H: height: 230 mm (5 RU) with rubber feet width: 482 mm depth: 352 mm 8301 P: height: 250 mm width: 280 mm (including scrubber canisters) length: 565 mm (including optional HCS-1000)^ * Specifications are subject to environmental conditions and flow rates ^ Portable version can be optioned with a HCS-1000 fitted to the end

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