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Acoem Integro LIDAR Network brochure

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Acoem Integro LIDAR Network brochure


The LIDAR technology difference The Leosphere Windcube®, a LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) instrument, measures dust emission sources and dust movement over a scanned area. 15º Unlike fixed dust monitoring stations — where detection is delayed and the spatial extent is poorly constrained - LIDAR accurately captures dust emission sources, movement and trajectories over the entire scanned area. RHI Real-time information allows facility managers and environmental officers to track dust behaviour from the exact emission source and immediately respond by implementing a corrective action plan. PPI The Windcube® can be configured to complete several different scan types, including: - Radial or Planned position Indication (PPI) which covers a full 360° rotation or a targeted partial segment scan, plus wind speed & direction - Vertical or Range Height Indication (RHI) which determines the lift off & ceiling height of the dust plume dispersion & lets you choose the desired resolution of the dispersion images. Coverage area ranges from a few hundred metres up to 12 km (24 km scan diameter). The advanced LIDAR technology in the Integro LIDAR Network captures 10,000 to 50,000 individual data points per scan every 5-10 minutes. This, together with data from the fixed monitoring stations, provides information on dust mass concentration measurements in µg/m3. That is the equivalent of running up to 50,000 individual dust monitoring stations using one integrated system. LIDAR technology works in harmony with the fixed stations, using their regulatory dust concentration measurements to correlate its scanned data.

3D mapping brings your data to life The 3D mapping platform of the Integro LIDAR Network offers a whole new level of interactivity with an enhanced user experience that empowers you to make informed operational decisions. Fully integrated and built into the Acoem Cloud web browser, access the interface from any enabled device — smartphone, tablet or computer. Offering a high-resolution Google Earth-like 3D viewing experience, the intuitive mapping platform helps you transform your monitoring data into immediate action. - Visualise in 3D actual particulate concentrations & aerosol plumes on your site in near-real time - Zoom in or zoom out with the touch of a button - Scan up & down to view the colour-coded data from above, from the side or any angle - Quickly & easily identify hotspots or fluctuations - Access historical data using the horizontal time scale - Pinpoint changes over specific time periods & compare results - Evaluate the effectiveness of mitigation measures. VERTICAL SCAN HORIZONTAL SCAN | 7


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Spec Sheets

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