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Acoem Integrated Noise Monitoring Systems brochure

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ECOTECH Integrated Noise Monitoring Systems brochure

Complete real-time data

Complete real-time data management Accurate, reliable data is an essential factor in the successful operation and management of monitoring systems. An entire network of monitoring stations can be controlled centrally for data analysis, comparison and reporting. Using Acoem software, an Acoem Integrated Noise Monitoring System manages the entire data interface. Communication platforms include integrated WiFi and 3G with ability for third party 4G, satellite and radio module connectivity. Real-time and historical data can be presented through secure on-screen displays, SMS messaging or emails. Data can be made available to the public via customdesigned web pages. Acoem can also push data out to external FTP networks. This allows captured data to be directly available on in-house systems managed and operated by end-use customers. BENEFITS OF AN ACOEM INTEGRATED NOISE MONITORING SYSTEM • Cost-effective solution for one cohesive unit with multiple applications • Continuous long-term monitoring • Fully-integrated advanced instrumentation • Data reporting • Remote access diagnostics • Solar-powered • Expert maintenance and technical support • Dial-in and listen to real-time audio on exceedances • Optional weather sensors integrated in the one system. | 9 | 5


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