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Acoem Integrated Noise Monitoring Systems brochure

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ECOTECH Integrated Noise Monitoring Systems brochure

Customised solutions

Customised solutions tailor-made for industry Acoem Australasia (Ecotech Pty Ltd) has over 45 years’ experience in the design, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance of integrated environmental monitoring systems across Australia and around the world. Our solutions are developed to withstand the toughest environments, from tropical rainforests in Indonesia, to the frozen tundra of Antarctica, urban centres like New Delhi to remote mining sites in Western Australia. With the addition of Acoem’s world-class noise monitoring instruments, our custom-designed systems are now even better equipped to meet the needs of Acoem customers worldwide. ACCURATE MONITORING IN ALL CONDITIONS Acoem Noise Systems can be housed in a variety of different shelter types and sizes depending on location and project parameters. All-weather, temperature-controlled robust Acoem shelters withstand the extreme weather conditions when installed in harsh urban or remote locations. External microphones are fitted on weather masts and are designed to withstand the elements. With the Cube , external antennas allow communication in remote locations. The ability to mount the monitoring equipment in a range of enclosures - from existing monitoring shelters to standalone fibreglass, stainless steel or plastic enclosures - allows measurements in a range or conditions. APPLICATIONS • Aviation • Community, urban and city monitoring • Construction • Mining • Monitoring dictated by legislation and standards • Research and environmental studies • Transportation systems (road & rail...) • Workforce safety Image credit: Graeme Churchard, Wikipedia. Acoem Integrated Noise Monitoring System, retrofitted into an existing cyclone-rated, solar-powered dust monitoring station, designed, installed and maintained by Acoem Australasia. Pilbara, Western Australia.

Problem solved Acoem Integrated Noise System Newman, Western Australia. 1200 km north of Perth Acoem Australasia designed, installed and maintains a network of hundreds of dust monitoring stations in and around Australia’s remote Pilbara region for most major mining companies. The network of monitoring stations ensures dust levels from mining and blasting activities meet stringent environmental regulations. In 2017, a mining company wanted to extend its monitoring parameters beyond dust to also include noise, so it commissioned Acoem to design a solution. Acoem retrofitted an Acoem Cube smart noise monitoring terminal into an existing dust monitoring station located in Newman, creating a fullyintegrated environmental noise monitoring system. Critical to the success of the project was the need for the noise monitoring system to accurately record, log, then push all noise data to the mining company’s proprietary online data capture system. Newman Perth | 7 | 5


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