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Acoem Integrated Noise Monitoring Systems brochure

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ECOTECH Integrated Noise Monitoring Systems brochure

Noise &

Noise & vibration monitoring Cadence NOISE MONITORING & CONTROLLING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM A responsive, ready-to-use monitoring platform that seamlessly integrates with all Acoem noise measuring devices. The Cadence TM IoT platform is available 24 x 7 x 365 enabling access to data on an intuitive interface via any connected device. Fusion 4G SMART SOUND & VIBRATION ANALYSER With IEC 61672 certification and built-in 4G modem, GPS and WiFi, the all-weather, hyperconnected Fusion sound level meter guarantees accuracy and high-speed connectivity. Add a vibration sensor to record/store 3-axis vibrations in parallel, or connect a camera for real-time audio and video alongside pushed data. ACT-400 MICROPHONE & MONITORING STATION The Acoustic Connect Terminal (ACT-400) combines the precision of a Class 1 microphone with the maximum protection of an outdoor kit and full connectivity via the Cadence noise management system as well as other open-source platforms.

Orion SMART VIBRATION MONITORING TERMINAL An all-in-one vibration monitoring system with integrated sensor, modem, Wi-Fi and GPS. It is robust, waterproof, easy to configure and use, and features seven measurement channels and smart integration of vibration standards. Cube 4G SMART NOISE MONITORING TERMINAL Combining functionality with high-speed connectivity, the versatile Cube can be mounted or carried in a portable weatherproof case. It features inbuilt 4G modem, externally accessible WiFi/GSM/GPS antennae and IEC 61672 certification, guaranteeing data accuracy. Connect to a camera for real-time audio and video event detection. | 5


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