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Acoem Integrated Noise Monitoring Systems brochure

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ECOTECH Integrated Noise Monitoring Systems brochure

One system for every

One system for every application Noise monitoring is an important component of any total environmental monitoring solution. Noise monitoring is necessary for regulatory compliance and provides accurate measurement of noise levels that can impact or adversely affect the health and wellbeing of a workforce or an entire community. Monitoring can also mitigate and significantly reduce the financial and non-financial risk associated with non-compliance to relevant standards and regulations. Mining operations Urban environment Wind farm Construction site

As part of a total environmental monitoring solution, noise monitoring must distinguish not only the level but also the origin of the noise. For regulatory purposes, knowing the origin is particularly important, so that noises from external sources (for example, wildlife) cannot be incorrectly attributed to a particular industrial or commercial activity. Depending on your project requirements, Acoem’s suite of smart noise and sound vibration analysers can be fully integrated into a new or existing Acoem environmental monitoring station to create a cohesive multiparameter environmental monitoring system. Add noise and/or vibration monitoring capability to single or multiple Acoem monitoring systems that include: • Dust monitors • Particulate monitors • Gas monitors • Continuous air quality monitors • Water monitors • Weather stations. | 53


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