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Acoem HiVol 3000 PUF spec sheet

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Acoem HiVol 3000 PUF spec sheet 20210823

Acoem HiVol 3000 PUF spec

HiVol 3000 PUF HIGH VOLUME PUF SAMPLER The HiVol 3000 PUF Sampler provides a flexible platform for sampling organic compounds and monitoring basic meteorological parameters. The PUF utilises polyurethane foam (PUF) to collect particulate matter and store it in a sterile environment for later analysis. The HiVol 3000 PUF unit is a reliable, durable and proven sampler using volumetric flow control to maintain consistent flow and collect a truly representative sample of particulate matter. Optional attachments allow the sampler to measure wind speed and direction which can then be used to trigger sector selectable sampling (e.g. fence-line monitoring). The HiVol 3000 PUF incorporates advanced programming functions and electronic volumetric flow control to maintain a consistent flow and collect a truly representative sample. RELIABLE SAMPLING • Volumetric flow control automatically corrected to standard reference temperature • Industrial brushless motor (100 000 hours continuous field operation) • Weather-proof marine quality anodised aluminium cabinet • Automatic supply voltage monitoring and shut-down facility reduces damage to instrument. DIRECTIONAL SAMPLING • Wind direction and speed used to activate / de-activate sampler • External trigger (0-5 VDC) can be used for activating sampling program. ENHANCED COMMUNICATION • RS232 output for data collection and remote communication • Filter blocked and instrument error alarms • Total control of instrument remotely from PC • Simple programming of sampling periods, including daily and weekly programs, with in-built ‘1-in-X day’ sampling capability.


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