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Acoem HiVol 3000 MegaVol spec sheet

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Acoem HiVol 3000 MegaVol spec sheet 20210823

Acoem HiVol 3000 MegaVol spec

HiVol 3000 MegaVol HIGH VOLUME SAMPLER The HiVol 3000 MegaVol Particulate Sampler performs remote unattended sampling of particulates and is ideal for heavy metal and radiation exposure monitoring. The HiVol 3000 MegaVol is capable of a very high flow rate (120-150 m³ / hr) the increased flow rate allows representative particulate samples to be collected in shorter time periods (more samples collected per week) or to collect a larger quantity in the same time period (especially for trace levels) than a standard TSP sampler. The MegaVol is therefore ideally suited for sampling particulates that make up a small percentage of the total sample (heavy metals, radioactive particulates, etc.) and provides laboratories with sufficient material to perform quantitative and qualitative analysis. Optional attachments allow the sampler to measure wind speed and direction which can then be used to trigger sector selectable sampling (e.g. fence-line monitoring). The sampler software can also double as a remotely accessible data logger for simple weather monitoring (wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity and rainfall). RELIABLE SAMPLING • Volumetric flow control automatically corrected to standard reference temperature • Industrial brushless motor (100 000 hours continuous field operation) • Weather-proof marine quality anodised aluminium cabinet • Automatic supply voltage monitoring and shut-down facility prevents damage to instrument. DIRECTIONAL SAMPLING • Wind direction and speed used to activate / de-activate sampler • External trigger (0-5 VDC) can be used for activating sampling program. ENHANCED COMMUNICATION • RS232 output for data collection and remote communication • Filter blocked and instrument error alarms • Total control of instrument remotely from PC • Simple programming of sampling periods, including daily and weekly programs, with in-built ‘1-in-X day’ sampling capability.


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