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ACOEM FALCON Smart Portable Solution brochure

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OPTIMAL PRODUCTIVITY WIRELESS The exceptional measurement capabilities of the FALCON three-axis wireless sensor make a genuine contribution to productivity. Synchronous acquisition reduces data collection times. After quickly mounting the wireless sensor, measurements can be made remotely and safely. Data point identification and sensor positioning are automatic. The monitoring controls repeatability is thus ensured. Most measurement errors stem from connections and wiring: with FALCON this is a thing of the past. UNRIVALLED PERFORMANCE FALCON offers exceptional real time processing capabilities, making it the fastest collection device on the market! It has never been so easy to identify critical speeds: synchronous acquisition of 4 vibration channels and rotation speed makes the measurement easier. Also, patented Bode-Ellipse technology allows neglecting the direction-based uncertainty. QUICK AND EASY BALANCING With automatic simulation tools and assistance in positioning weights, FALCON is the benchmark tool correcting unbalance issues on site. FALCON provides intuitive visual assistance to guide users through operations. The results are automatically compared against standards to ensure accurate balancing. A report showing all data, graphs and photos is automatically generated in a single click! FALCON reduces intervention times: • Wireless three-axis measurement • Real time processing • User guidance At the scale of an industrial site, FALCON really stands out! | 4

THE NEW GENERATION IN CONDITION-BASED MAINTENANCE QUICK AND EFFECTIVE • Synchronous three-axis collection with a single sensor • Simultaneous 4-channel acquisition at 40 kHz + tachometer, 2 channels at 80 kHz • Real time processing • Long time waveform, up to 80 seconds at 51.2 kHz (4 Mega samples) • More reliable identification of critical speeds based on patented Ellipse Spectrum technology WIRELESS • Measurements taken in total safety • Enhanced productivity: easily installed with one hand, reducing intervention time • No measurement errors • No wires: reduced maintenance and transport costs AUTOMATIC • Automatic configuration • Automatic diagnosis • Automatic recognition of measurement points 7” DISPLAY • High definition • Readable even in bright sunlight • Touch screen usable with gloves COMMUNICATING • USB, WiFi, Ethernet, Internet • Remote display mode: the FALCON’s screen is displayed on a PC • Remote control of the CMS platform • Results easily exchanged via the SUPERVISION tool ALL-INCLUSIVE • Built-in rotation speed measurement (stroboscope) • Built-in pyrometer with laser sight • Built-in camera for recording sensor positions, inspection photos, and so on SUITABLE FOR HARSH CONDITIONS • ATEX Zone 2 certification • IP65 • Withstands a 1.2 meter drop | 5


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Spec Sheets

"Very efficient. Competitive pricing. The reminders, I’m so busy in my job that it’s so great to have a reminder to do something. It really helps me.
I’m very happy".

- Tim Cannon – Research and Development Manager; Pecan Engineering Pty Ltd