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ACOEM Ecotech NATA Accreditation brochure

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ACOEM Ecotech NATA Accreditation brochure

ACOEM Ecotech NATA Accreditation

NATA Accreditation for Ecotech WHY ACCREDITATION IS IMPORTANT Accreditation by an industry recognised organisation is important to industries, businesses and communities alike. Accreditation gives assurance that the highest of standards and requirements are being met to keep workforces and local communities safe, and the environment protected. It is determined by an extensive and strict process of consideration, examination and review, giving the public confidence and knowledge that an accredited organisation consistently practices quality professional services and technical activities. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF TESTING AUTHORITIES (NATA) NATA is the authority responsible for the accreditation of laboratories, inspection bodies, calibration service providers, producers of reference materials and proficiency testing scheme providers throughout Australia. Through NATA accreditation, there is formal independent assurance that these facilities provide technical competence and produce reliable technical results. Accreditation is achieved after NATA has assessed an organisation for: • Competence and experience of its staff • Integrity of its equipment and materials • Technical validity of its methods and processes • Quality of its records and reports. NATA’s peer assessments are an integral requirement to maintain accreditation and these are conducted by teams of recognised experts in the particular field of activity or profession, accompanied by highly trained members of NATA’s professional staff. FOR OUR CUSTOMERS Accreditation is a valuable risk management tool. By selecting an accredited supplier, organisations can be sure of the quality of goods or services they purchase. Working with a NATA accredited organisation gives businesses confidence in the products and services they are receiving. It also demonstrates a business’s due diligence in the event of legal requirement. ECOTECH COMMITMENT TO NATA ACCREDITATION ACOEM Ecotech is NATA accredited for continuous monitoring of ambient air, meteorological monitoring, blast monitoring, calibration services, as well as industrial emissions (CEMS) monitoring. Ecotech’s range of NATA accredited services becomes a clear advantage for customers as they now have access to this range of services through a single contractor. Ecotech field staff are equipped with Ecotech’s own industry leading Asset Management System (AMS) to manage site assets, test equipment and associated maintenance tasks in accordance with Australian Standards and NATA requirements. All maintenance and calibration activities are logged and tracked in AMS, facilitating collaboration between client and Ecotech in performing calibration, operation and maintenance in accordance with NATA requirements. Our AMS system provides that additional level of traceability. Ecotech’s NATA accredited facilities and services comply with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and include: • Testing Laboratories i • Calibration Laboratory ii • Blast Monitoring Service. Search for ‘Ecotech’ at to see the unabridged list of Ecotech NATA accreditations summarised on the next page.


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