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ACOEM EAGLE Smart Wireless Solution brochure

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EAGLE is ONEPROD’s easy-to-deploy continuous monitoring system for conditionbased maintenance. EAGLE eliminates wiring, meaning that you can easily instrument more of your critical machines. EAGLE offers outstanding performance, ensuring optimal process reliability with minimal maintenance costs. This new smart wireless solution enables early fault detection through analysis of dynamic vibration signals. EASILY ENHANCE THE RELIABILITY OF YOUR FACILITIES UNIQUE MEASUREMENT CAPABILITIES EAGLE automatically acquires vibration signals (including time waveforms and FFTs) on one or three vibration axes, together with temperature data. Your machines are kept under close watch: Smart enough, EAGLE automatically trigs measurements if the vibration levels exceed predefined threshold limits. Signals of up to 16 K-samples are transmitted wirelessly, for accurate and targeted diagnosis of all kinds of faults on all types of rotating machinery. DESIGNED FOR HARSH ENVIRONMENTS Right from the design phase, the materials used were selected to meet detailed and demanding specifications. With ATEX Zone 0 certification, EAGLE offers appropriate solutions in places where wiring is costly or too complex. A true alternative to manual data collection, EAGLE enables automatic measurements to be taken safely in extreme conditions! | 2

UNRIVALLED EASE OF DEPLOYMENT WIRELESS ANYWHERE EAGLE is a self-powered wireless sensor. No cables are needed. • Autonomous: the sensor acquires data with no external intervention • Up to five years of unattended operation • Data is transferred wirelessly to the ONEPROD NEST condition-based maintenance software • Expand boundaries: Use of Wireless Expanders to reach the most isolated machines ATTACH AND GO! Attach the sensor to the machine. Position your gateway at an appropriate distance depending on your environment (up to 100 m). Add wireless Expanders to increase the range and turn around obstacles. Start acquisition from your ONEPROD software interface. Your data is there, ready for processing! MOVE AND MONITOR! It is not always feasible to monitor all critical production facilities continuously. The solution: temporary monitoring EAGLE’s ease of deployment means that it is particularly suitable for such cases. Doubts about a machine that isn’t monitored? Nothing could be easier: simply move sensors and start monitoring it! That should give you some new ideas for improving the reliability of your facilities! RELIABLE COMMUNICATION ONEPROD offers a proven smart solution for wireless communication capable of operating alongside other networks used in industry, such as WiFi, Bluetooth and Wireless Hart. The communication quality is guaranteed using smart algorithms to avoid interference with systems in the unit’s environment! EAGLE uses the 802.15.4 protocol which guarantees safe conditions for people, facilities, and security of data. | 3


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