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Acoem Ambient Air Quality brochure

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Acoem Ambient Air Quality Brochure

How do you shorten the

How do you shorten the path between monitoring and informed action? For more than 50 years we have been designing and manufacturing class-leading multi-parameter environmental monitoring and industrial reliability solutions. We offer our global customers a complete range of integrated measurement technologies and services, ensuring that your data is always accurate and your equipment operates with maximum efficiency. We believe in helping you find the right balance between progress and preservation. Empowering industries, government authorities, scientists and communities to make knowledgeable decisions based on reliable data, our holistic solutions lead to operational excellence andbetter outcomes. At Acoem, we create environments of possibility. | 3


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"Very efficient. Competitive pricing. The reminders, I’m so busy in my job that it’s so great to have a reminder to do something. It really helps me.
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- Tim Cannon – Research and Development Manager; Pecan Engineering Pty Ltd