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ACOEM Acoustic Threat Detection brochure 20200114

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ACOEM Acoustic Threat Detection brochure 20200114

ACOEM Gunshot & Acoustic Threat Detection, detects, localizes, raises an alarm & communicates with security cameras, automatically directing them to the precise location of the threat.”

Real-Time Data & User-Friendly Interface Data from Acoustic Threat Detection modules is processed and transmitted in real time to a command center or individual enabled devices as required. Information is highly localized giving users the ability to send automatic alerts. The interface is intuitively designed and easy to use, with precise mapping coordinates, correlated video and detailed descriptions of the anomaly available on a single screen. Acoustic signals use automatic algorithms to distinguish the source and type of disturbance, identify the risk – gunshot, explosion, screaming, vehicle accident, crowd stampede, etc. Users can also filter the functionality and control the types of acoustic incidents they do and do not wish to monitor. For example, at an outdoor concert, the sound of fireworks might be filtered out and removed from the alert regimen. Risk Prevention • RECEIVE accurate & time-sensitive data from the field (geographical positioning, incident typology, frequency, criticality, etc) • ENABLE faster & more targeted incident responses • DISTINGUISH critical incidents • REASSURE the community & increase its sense of security • TRACK incidents to help facilitate investigation. | 7


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