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ACOEM Acoustic Threat Detection brochure 20200114

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ACOEM Acoustic Threat Detection brochure 20200114

Added Applications The

Added Applications The algorithm used to identify particular acoustic frequencies can also be used to work with traffic management systems to impede or assist movement in the incident zone. For example, if an acoustic event triggers panic in a crowded area, bollards or emergency doors can be activated and opened for ease of crowd dispersal. In emergency situations where areas are cordoned off, the acoustic alert can remove barriers immediately to ensure that only specific emergency response vehicles can enter a targeted area. Acoustic Threat Detection systems can also be equipped with built-in ambient air quality monitoring sensors that identify fluctuations in air quality that can affect the health and wellbeing of a community. Alerts will indicate unhealthy levels of gas or particulates in a localised area to help officials determine the best course of action.

The Future of Threat Detection ACOEM is committed to exploring new avenues and technology, like optronics and artificial neural networks, to make further gains in the quality of threat detection analysis and response times. As the demand for precision monitoring technology evolves, so too does ACOEM’s ability to deliver strategic, simple and highly reliable solutions that users feel confident implementing. Our extensive research helps ensure that we continue to be a leading provider in global threat detection technology and offer solutions that adapt seamlessly for civil protection in urban environments. | 11


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