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Celebrating 40 years of people & performance at Ecotech


WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS BUSINESS AS USUAL Grant Kassell RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT MELBOURNE I was in San Diego for an AWMA (Air & Waste Management Association) exhibition. On the weekend before, Andy Tolley (American Ecotech) and myself went out for a walk in the Anza Borego Desert Park (hours from any real town). Late in the afternoon, I thought I was being bitten by a fly on the back of the knee. Actually, a Cholla cactus had blown onto me, and I promptly hit it as hard as I could with my open hand trying to ‘kill’ it. Rob Brown HEALTH, SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT & QUALITY (AND FORMALLY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) MELBOURNE When we do our monthly Communications sessions across Ecotech nowadays (now known as the Company Huddle), Kim Burin would prepare ONE professional slide deck and it’s all played off one laptop that we know is going to work without hiccups. However, in days of old, we each used to present off our own laptops; and for the most part it worked just fine. Except this one time. I remember doing a presentation on the importance of risk management. At the end of the slide show, Nicolas Dal Sasso thanked me and reinforced the importance of safety and encouraged everyone to look out for hazards and raise them as safety observations. While Nicolas was facing the audience, talking for just a little bit longer than expected, the dreaded screen saver kicked in displaying a series of photos from my laptop… A can of WD-40... A pedestal drill ... A fire extinguisher… And then up popped Freddy the foul fingered four-year old! LUNCHTIME LAUGHS Grant Kassell RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT MELBOURNE Liz Murray walks into the kitchen, opens the fridge, finds her lunch from a week ago, throws it in the bin, then sits down to play cards. Ten minutes later, James Agius walks in and starts rummaging through the fridge. Eventually he starts cursing that someone has stolen his lunch. Liz suddenly realises that the lunch she threw in the bin might not have been hers... Liz’s apology to James had the rest of the kitchen in hysterics. (James still managed to eat his lunch.) Phil Schneider Image by: Grant Kassell TESTING MELBOURNE During the mid-naughties in Production at Blackburn, times were different from now. Many of the Production staff were transient University or TAFE students and most were in their 20s. Many of those involved, including myself, have looked back upon those times and referred to them as “the glory days of Blackburn”. There is no doubt that the professionalism has grown a lot since then. I think it was more to do with having a bunch of people in a similar stage of life with few commitments. The lunch room was often abuzz with robust discussions, or the solving of puzzles and conundrums. I recall one time when it took the entire morning tea break to solve why it was Needless to say I spent the next hour in a doctor’s surgery waiting for a doctor to be called in (late Sunday afternoon in the US), and then the next hour under local anaesthetic while I had close to a hundred fish hook style cactus barbs removed from my hand and leg. that when “20 sick sheep are in a paddock and one of them dies,” that the answer is not 25. They are happy memories for me and several of us are still employed at Ecotech. My lunchtimes now are filled with playing Bridge, after years of having played 500 at lunch. When I was in India, Viral made sure that it was on my list that I train the locals in how to play Bridge! ECOTECH : TOGETHER

1993 Ecotech starts exporting to India, Mexico and Cyprus OUR FRIENDS ACROSS THE GLOBE Le&Der Group TAIWAN Thanks for Ecotech’s support and our long term relationship for over 15 years. Congratulations! Ecotech’s 40 years is a huge milestone in the environmental area and the responsibility for the world and the tremendous contributions to keep the earth clean. parks, universities, research organisations, and private firms. From the EC9800 series to Serinus series, the evolution has been collected improved skills, better experience, and unforgettable memories for Le&der team. Undoubtedly, Ecotech always provide the quality support such as the technical training, answers of questions, and recommendation of enquired products. Our story together is not ended and continues to be written by Ecotech and Le&Der. Happy Birthday, Ecotech! Image by: Chris Edwards OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS Mark Staples OPERATIONS MELBOURNE My job interview was late on a Friday afternoon. It took a few hours, and at the end of a tour of the facility I went back to Human Resources (HR) and met Robert Dal Sasso. Robert asked me a couple of questions, then turned to the HR manager and my future manager and said, “this is the guy, you should hire him.” Other fun times: A weekend hike at Wilson’s Promontory with the R&D department; laser tag in Box Hill; and cooking pizzas in the R&D environmental chamber They (the pizzas) took four hours to cook and didn’t taste all that good! Chris Edwards RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT MELBOURNE Being offered the job and asked if I could start the next day! That made me feel wanted. Having personal interaction with Robert Dal Sasso, Nicholas Dal Sasso and the senior team. This is so different to the other companies I have worked for and gives Ecotech that personal touch. ” Seeing Robert clearing tables at the first company BBQ gave me the impression that everybody, at all levels, gets stuck in and helps out. In Taiwan, both Ecotech and Le&Der have had huge efforts to provide best instruments and services to the market and the story has been created. In the early time frame, the EC9800 series analysers took the important role to enrol Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) and founded the great reputation in our region due to both companies’ strong partnership and cooperation. Time goes by so fast; we have worked together for many projects to satisfy customers from the industrial 25


Spec Sheets




ACOEM Ecotech AQMesh brochure and spec sheet
ACOEM Ecotech Aurora Integrating Nephelometers
ACOEM Ecotech Congrego Data Loggers brochure
ACOEM Ecotech Spectronus A+ Protection flyer 20201028
ACOEM Environment Nordic Environmental Monitoring brochure
ACOEM Environment Smart Cities Environmental Monitoring, 01dB & ECOTECH brochure
ECOTECH Ambient Air Brochure
ECOTECH Blast Monitoring brochure
ECOTECH Calibration Services brochure
ECOTECH Company Profile
ECOTECH Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) Brochure
ECOTECH Europe Solution Snapshot brochure
ECOTECH India Solution Snapshot brochure
ECOTECH Integrated Noise Monitoring Systems brochure
ECOTECH Integro LIDAR Network brochure
ECOTECH NATA Accreditation brochure
ECOTECH Operations and Maintenance brochure
ECOTECH Palas Fidas 200 brochure
ECOTECH Serinus 60 NO2 Gas Analyser
ECOTECH Serinus Gas Calibrators
ECOTECH Solution Snapshot brochure
ECOTECH Spectronus FTIR brochure
ECOTECH Underground Construction Air Quality brochure
ECOTECH Water Product Portfolio Brochure
ECOTECH Water Services brochure
ACOEM Ecotech Palas AQ Guard Indoor brochure 20201117
ACOEM Magee Scientific Carbonaceous Aerosol Speciation System-CASS
ECOTECH MAXX Portable & Fixed Site Samplers brochure
ECOTECH Sintrol Dumo brochure
ACOEM Smart Industry Reliability Services Solution Snapshot brochure
ACOEM FIXTURLASER LASER Geometry Measurements brochure
ACOEM FALCON Smart Portable Solution brochure
ACOEM RT-300 Brochure Express Machine Check
ACOEM EAGLE Smart Wireless Solution brochure
ACOEM MVX Real-time Monitoring System brochure
ACOEM NEST i4.0 Predictive Maintenance Software brochure
ACOEM HS-150 Premium Accelerometer 20201130
ACOEM HS-150S Premium Accelerometer 20201130
ACOEM HS-150T Premium Accelerometer 20201130
ACOEM HS-SE-SSM Switching Enclosure 20201130
ACOEM Healthy Schools Index (HSI) brochure
ACOEM Acoustic Threat Detection brochure 20200114
ACOEM AQMesh brochure & spec sheet
ACOEM Dynoptic Solution Snapshot brochure 20200814
ACOEM Tunnel Sensors Solution Snapshot brochure 20200929

Spec Sheets

ACOEM Ecotech Serinus 10 O3 Gas Analyser spec sheet
ACOEM Ecotech Serinus 30 CO Gas Analyser spec sheet
ACOEM Ecotech Serinus 40 NOx Gas Analyser spec sheet
ACOEM Ecotech Serinus 50 SO2 Gas Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 44 NOx Gas Analyser spec sheet
ACOEM Ecotech Serinus 60 spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 51 SO2-H2S Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 57 Total Reduced Sulfur (TRS) Analyser
ACOEM Ecotech Serinus Cal 1000 spec sheet
ACOEM Ecotech Serinus Cal 2000 spec sheet
ACOEM Ecotech Serinus Cal 3000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 40T Trace Oxides of Nitrogen Analyser
ECOTECH Serinus 50T Trace Sulfur Dioxide Analyser
ACOEM Ecotech Serinus Cal 300 Gas Calibrator spec sheet
ACOEM Ecotech Aurora 1000 Integrating Nephelometer spec sheet
ACOEM Ecotech Aurora 2000 Correlating Nephelometer spec sheet
ACOEM Ecotech Aurora 3000 Integrating Nephelometer spec sheet
ACOEM Ecotech Aurora 4000 Polar Nephelometer spec sheet
ACOEM Environment AETHLABS microAeth AE51
ACOEM Environment AETHLABS microAeth MA200 Black Carbon Monitor
ACOEM Environment AETHLABS microAeth MA300 Black Carbon Monitor
ACOEM Environment AETHLABS microAeth MA350 Black Carbon Monitor
ACOEM Ecotech ACS-1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Air 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Calibration Services brochure
ECOTECH Certa 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH HTO 1000 Thermal Oxidiser spec sheet 20190822
ECOTECH HiVol 3000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Met One Instruments E-FRM Particulate Sampler
ECOTECH MicroVol 1100 spec sheet
ACOEM Ecotech Model 8301 Series Zero Air Generators spec sheet
ECOTECH Model 8302 Dilution Probe Controller
ECOTECH NATA Accreditation brochure
ECOTECH Protinus 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH VOC 1000 Methane Analyser spec sheet
Ecotech Spectronus Dr David Griffith flyer 20190816
ECOTECH BAM 1022 spec sheet
ECOTECH Exactus BAM spec sheet
ECOTECH Spirant BAM spec sheet


TOGETHER - Future Forward Stories Past
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