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ECOTECH Water Product Portfolio Brochure

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ECOTECH Water Product Portfolio Brochure

Online Analysers TETHYS

Online Analysers TETHYS UV300 LOW COST MONITOR The UV300 is a cost effective water analyser for applications focused on one or two parameters. UV spectroscopy is well known for its stability and low operating cost. With this technology the UV300 can measure parameters like organic matter, Nitrate, Colour, Aromatics Hydrocarbons (PAH). Complementary modules allow the measurement of PO 4 , CI 2 , NO 2 , Fe, Al by colorimetric method and Turbidity by laser diode. External probes can be added for physicochemical parameters like pH, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and Conductivity. TETHYS UV MULTI-PARAMETER ANALYSER The UV500 is an online water analyser based on a high resolution UV-visible spectrograph. It allows the simultaneous monitoring of many different parameters for waste water treatment plants or river monitoring stations with excellent stability and low operating cost. Along with PO 4 , CI 2 , NO 2 , Fe and Al, this analyser is also capable of measuring: • H 2 S • Colour • Nitrate • Ammonia • pH / ORP • Turbidity • Phosphate • UV254-COD • Conductivity • Hydrocarbons • Dissolved Oxygen (DO). CHEMITEC HEAVY METALS ANALYSER The photometric analyser ColorTec uses the technique of absorption photometry to perform a measurement of the main chemical parameters of the water. Separated sections, hydraulic/analytical and electronics, mean-wetted materials are isolated from the sensitive electronics. The analyser provides the possibility to carry out tabular or single point calibrations. It is also possible to perform measurements in steps planned or by an external event or at a certain time.

Flow / Level / Pressure CHEMITEC RADAR/PRESSURE/ULTRASONIC SENSORS Chemitec ultrasonic and radar transmitters are used for continuous, non-contact level measurement. Available with various ranges and power inputs these sensors are ideal for liquid detection away from the liquid source. With the radar sensors, the radar pulses emitted by the antenna are reflected by the product surface and received back by the sensor antenna. Through the matrix display it is possible to input all necessary data for the level measurement and to show and recognise false echo signals. Submersible Piezometric transducers are available for low cost applications where non-contact sensors are not viable due to mounting limitations or other reasons. HYDROVISION: Q-EYE MIII HYDROVISION Q-EYE PSC MT The HydroVision Q-Eye PSC MT is a stationary flow meter for pipes and open channels. It uses advanced Doppler profiling technology to directly measure velocity profiles, making it the best choice for sites with non-uniform, rapidly changing, backwatered, near zero, negative or reverse flow conditions. The submergible depth and velocity sensor which measures only 15 x 25 x 108 mm is the smallest sensor of this type currently available. HYDROVISION Q-EYE RADAR MT The HydroVision Q-Eye RADAR MT is a non-contact channel flow meter. It consists of a radar-based velocity sensor and an ultrasonic or radar-based water level sensor. The HydroVision Q-Eye MIII is a portable flow meter for pipes or open channels. It is designed for applications in full or partially full pipes 100 - 200 mm in diameter, or open channels with flow depth 40 - 2000 mm. The submergible depth and velocity sensor which measures only 15 x 25 x 108 mm is the smallest sensor of this type currently available. | 7


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Spec Sheets

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