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ECOTECH Water Product Portfolio Brochure

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ECOTECH Water Product Portfolio Brochure

Probes, Sondes &

Probes, Sondes & Transmitters AQUAPROBE MULTI-PARAMETER SONDES Aquaprobe sonde packages are ideal if you are new to water quality monitoring or a seasoned integrator and user. They provide measurements for all of the commonly monitored parameters through to CDOM, Nitrates and chlorophyll (25 measurements total). Aquaprobes come fitted with base parameters of pH/ORP, Electrical Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen and temperature. Cable lengths are available from 3 - 50+ metres. SDI-12 or Modbus module supplied as option for output to 3rd party devices or log data on the handheld GPS Aquameter or field Aqualogger. SUSPENDED SOLIDS The Chemitec S461S Suspended Solids sensor is an optical S/S sensor. Similar to the Turbidity sensor, the Suspended solids measurement is based on a modified scattered light method in combination with the Beer-Lambert law to produce a Solids reading. Correlation of values with lab samples provides more precise site specific readings. The probe has a Modbus output for 3rd party controllers or loggers. PH The Chemitec S401DIFF sensor is a differential electrode designed for pH measurement in heavy duty applications, where the electrodes with traditional reference systems would not last long. The probe consists of a PVC body which houses the glass electrode for pH measurement, the reference electrode with a salt bridge and a KCI reserve which guarantees a high stability of the reference signal in time and at operating conditions variations. The probe has a Modbus output for 3rd party controllers or loggers. DISSOLVED OXYGEN ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY The Chemitec S4114E sensor is used for measuring conductivity in pure and process waters. It provides reliable conductivity measurement using graphite electrodes. The Conductive measuring method uses two electrodes and temperature compensation. The sensor has a PVC body and graphite electrodes with no mechanically moving parts. The probe has a Modbus output for 3rd party controllers or loggers. The S423/C/OPT probe is used for the optical measurement of oxygen in pure and process waters. The principle of measurement is based on the effect of dynamic luminescence quenching by molecular oxygen. Provided in a stainless body, the DO probe has no moving parts, is reliable and easy to maintain and has a Modbus output for 3rd party controllers or loggers. TURBIDITY The Chemitec S461T Turbidity probe is an optical sensor in a Stainless / PVC body. The measurement is performed by using a 90° scattered light method compliant with ISO 7027 / EN 27027. The probe has a Modbus output for 3rd party controllers or loggers.

Monitoring Systems At ECOTECH, we design and manufacture a wide range of water monitoring stations for unattended measurement of water bodies. Our stations have been used on dams, rivers, stormwater and waste water discharge and open water. Five steps to building a monitoring system: 1. Select a mounting style 2. How is the station to be powered? 3. What parameters are to be measured? 4. How do you want to view/download data? 5. Are there any other options required? MOBILE MONITORING STATIONS For mid length but non-permanent monitoring, ECOTECH’s mobile WQMS is an ideal solution. Capable of being deployed in 30 minutes, the station is equipped with a WQ sonde with up to 15 parameters as well as optional individual sensors for solids or depth. Solar powered, with data logging up to 2 years and remote telemetry (3G or radio modems), the station can provide data indefinitely without the need for infrastructure support. For when the job calls for something between a portable handheld and a permanent station. BUOY MOUNTED MONITORING STATIONS A complete Water Quality Monitoring Station built on a buoy platform. Solar powered, with data logging up to 2 years and remote telemetry (3G or radio modems) the station can provide data indefinitely without being tied to specific locations. Ability to add beacons, weather sensors, navigational aids and many more options. GROUNDWATER REMOTE AREA MONITORING STATION (GRAMS) Solar-powered bore water monitoring station, designed to monitor the bore water composition using a WQ probe measuring up to 15 parameters. The Sonde is connected to an interface device with SDI-12 to a data logger with up to 2 years storage. The solar power system is capable of 5 days backup. Data from the station is downloaded remotely via the 3G or radio modem. FLOW AND FLOOD LEVEL STATIONS Flow and flood level stations are critical for creeks and streams subjected to flooding during rain events. Our monitoring stations provide real-time data and alerting from sensors connected to these stations. Powered by solar and battery backup these stations are autonomous and will alert key stakeholders of impending flooding and provide critical information for mine site discharge or community alerts. COMBINED SAMPLER AND WQ STATIONS Engineered to be rugged, secure and low maintenance the ECOTECH Water Quality Sampling Station is the ideal system to measure and sample water discharge or runoff. The station has been designed for those who need to measure the non-standard (lab analysed) parameters during a rain or discharge event and don’t want to rely on field technicians taking manual samples. Combining in-situ monitoring and automatic sampling, this system automates collection and notifies when an exceedance occurs or a sample is collected. | 5


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