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(Continued from page 19) High quality every step of the way As you would expect from any world-class manufacturing team; continuous improvement is relentless and ongoing. Under Kumar’s stewardship, ECOTECH is also taking the time to review, revise and implement enhanced systems and processes in manufacturing. Ensuring the highest level of quality is maintained from start to finish on every ECOTECH manufactured product is always top of mind. The actions that Kumar and the manufacturing team at ECOTECH have taken to not only meet but surpass the AS/NZS 4801:2001 and ISO 9001:2015 audit standards help demonstrate the professional pride taken in the quality of ECOTECH products, systems and processes to serve its customers. “ Ensuring the highest level of quality is maintained from start to finish on every ECOTECH manufactured product is always top of mind. ” ECOTECH has a strong commitment to developing and complying with safe work procedures, and considers the environmental expectations of its customers. Providing extensive training and awareness on health and safety hazards and impacts reduces risk in the communities ECOTECH operates in. To learn more about Health, Safety & Quality at ECOTECH please visit: TOGETHER 2019 Issue 7

Diwali Delight with Non Stop Air Quality Monitoring in Delhi by ACOEM ECOTECH India & ECOTECH Monitoring Solutions According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB): “As Delhi continued to grapple with rising air pollution, air quality dropped, and the Delhi pollution level slipped into the ‘very poor’ category on Diwali night.” reported that “a thick haze engulfed the city as people continued to burst firecrackers long after the deadline set by the supreme court.” Inspired by ACOEM Group’s new year “Stop Wishing, Start Doing” campaign, ACOEM ECOTECH India & ECOTECH Monitoring Solutions (EMS) took a lead role. In November 2018, while the population of India was engrossed in Diwali celebrations, EMS station operators and service engineers throughout India were available 24 / 7 to ensure uninterrupted operation of ECOTECH Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations (CAAQMS). Main picture: Some of the ACOEM ECOTECH India and ECOTECH Monitoring Solutions team. Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, is India’s biggest holiday. Celebrated in October or November, people in India and Nepal celebrate Diwali by setting off firecrackers, decorating their homes and enjoying sweet foods. Source: www. lists/seasonal/pictures-diwalicelebration/ (Continues on page 22) 21


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Spec Sheets

"Very efficient. Competitive pricing. The reminders, I’m so busy in my job that it’s so great to have a reminder to do something. It really helps me.
I’m very happy".

- Tim Cannon – Research and Development Manager; Pecan Engineering Pty Ltd