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Dilution Extractive

Dilution Extractive Continuous Emission Monitoring System on Show at CEM India About AIC: Analyser Instrument Co (AIC) is a leading system integrator of Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) and Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems (CAAQMS) in India. AIC is the authorised ECOTECH distributor in India for the CEM markert. AIC have 50 employees spread across India for sales and aftersales service. AIC integrates and manufactures complete systems, including analyser shelters, in-house at their 2500m 2 facility. Learn more at ECOTECH, a global leader in air quality monitoring, were proud to participate at Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) India to showcase the Dilution Extractive Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) alongside its exclusive Indian CEMS distribution partner, Analyser Instrument Co Pvt Ltd (AIC). ECOTECH CEMS offers the latest technology coupled with ECOTECH’s 40 years of experience in the field. The CEM India conference and exhibition in New Delhi is India’s flagship emissions monitoring event offering delegates in-depth information on Indian pollution regulation and policy, monitoring guidelines, calibration and quality control. One system with multiple applications ECOTECH has been designing, manufacturing, supplying, operating and maintaining the highest quality emission monitoring systems for a variety of applications and TOGETHER 2018 Issue 4

industries worldwide since the early 1980s. These industries include: • Smelting • Power generation • Refineries • Steel • Chemical • Minerals processing. ECOTECH CEMS utilises extractive dilution probe technology, ensuring consistent reliability, repeatability and precise measurement. This method is widely used for continuous emissions monitoring of SO 2 and Nitrogen Oxides (NO x ), CO, H 2 S and NH 3 . It can also be combined with a zirconium oxide sensor for the continuous measurement of O 2 . The extractive dilution system can be configured as a mobile or fixed installation. ECOTECH combines the dilution extractive technology with its proven range of Serinus ® ambient gas analysers for accurate, real-time monitoring. Due to the high sensitivity of Serinus ® analysers, measurements are more accurate as water vapour and gases cannot condense and impact on representative sample extraction. Exceeding industry standards with precision monitoring & real-time data collection ECOTECH CEMS is approved for use by multiple environmental authorities worldwide and provides real-time data to demonstrate compliance with standards set by emission regulators and pollution control authorities. International approval of the ECOTECH range of Serinus ® gas analysers includes: • US EPA approval (EQOA–0809–187) • EN approval TÜV (936/21221977/C) • EN approval MCERTS (MC100165/06) • LSCQA approval (France) • Australian Standard (AS 3580.6.1-2016) • Russian approval (56053-13). “ In partnership [ECOTECH & AIC] have been responsible for supplying CEMS integrated by AIC to a number of major organisations [in India for decades], in particular in the petrochemical industry. ” All analysers in the system are connected digitally to a data acquisition system, enabling remote communications and (Continues from page 24) 23


Spec Sheets




ACOEM Environment Nordic Environmental Monitoring brochure
ACOEM Environment Smart Cities Environmental Monitoring, 01dB & ECOTECH brochure
ECOTECH AQMesh brochure and spec sheet
ECOTECH Ambient Air Brochure
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ECOTECH Serinus 60 NO2 Gas Analyser
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Spec Sheets

ECOTECH Serinus 10 O3 Gas Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 30 CO Gas Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 40 NOx Gas Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 50 SO2 Gas Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 44 NOx Gas Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 60 spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 51 SO2-H2S Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 57 Total Reduced Sulfur (TRS) Analyser
ECOTECH Serinus Cal 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus Cal 2000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus Cal 3000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 31 CO2 Carbon Dioxide Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Aurora 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Aurora 2000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Aurora 3000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Aurora 4000 spec sheet
ACOEM Environment AETHLABS microAeth AE51
ACOEM Environment AETHLABS microAeth MA200 Black Carbon Monitor
ACOEM Environment AETHLABS microAeth MA300 Black Carbon Monitor
ACOEM Environment AETHLABS microAeth MA350 Black Carbon Monitor
ECOTECH Air 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Certa 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH HiVol 3000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Met One Instruments E-FRM Particulate Sampler
ECOTECH MicroVol 1100 spec sheet
ECOTECH Model 8301 Series Zero Air Generators spec sheet
ECOTECH Model 8302 Dilution Probe Controller
ECOTECH Protinus 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH BAM 1022 spec sheet
ECOTECH Exactus BAM spec sheet
ECOTECH Spirant BAM spec sheet


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