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Shared Commitment,

Shared Commitment, Honesty & Respect The Keys to Successful International Relationships Main pic (L-R): Sithiphorn Associates’ Somchit Srisuwatchree, Sales Department Manager and Dr Percha Hengtrakul, Managing Director join Patrice Pischedda, ACOEM Asia Managing Director (far right) at the Thai-French Smart Cities Symposium in Bangkok on 2 July 2018. About Sithiphorn Associates: Sithiphorn was established in 1976 and is one of the leading scientific equipment distributors in Thailand and ASEAN region with more than 220 staff and 10,000 customers. Learn more at ECOTECH manages every business relationship with a unique blend of professionalism, strong interpersonal skills, empathy, respect and honesty. It’s a genuine belief in “success through connection” that enables ECOTECH’s International Business Manager for Asia, Michael Zeng, to cultivate and maintain the strong international relationships that have led to ECOTECH’s global expansion, including the successful merger with French giant ACOEM in 2017. Michael joined ECOTECH after a successful career in the renewable energy sector, and now manages all sales and customer interaction in Asia, including China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and South East Asian nations, such as Vietnam and Thailand. He supports ECOTECH’s existing distributor network and helps develop new distributors in other countries. “ECOTECH began exporting to South East Asia, specifically Thailand, over 20 years ago. Due to our strength in nurturing TOGETHER 2018 Issue 4

elationships, many of these first customers in Thailand are still with us. It’s a real testimony to ECOTECH’s ability to maintain long-term, loyal relationships,” Michael says. Delivering tailored solutions for local environmental challenges ECOTECH is a manufacturer that delivers more than just a product. Michael says this is a major contributor to the success of international relationships. “In Australia, we not only manufacture our products, but will integrate them into a system, providing a one-stopshop solution. We are able to share this knowledge and experience with our international distributors,” Michael said. “Through our long-standing relationships, we understand environmental challenges, particularly in those countries that are rapidly industrialising and need to adapt to meet changing community needs,” he added. “Our customers appreciate the fact that we can talk frequently about any issues or urgency in project delivery. Over time we have come to know and understand each other. Effective communication is a critical ingredient in successfully maintaining these relationships.” We are like family For many distributors, ECOTECH has become an extended part of their family. As long-standing, generational family businesses, the strong, trusted personal connections they have forged are crucial in their day-to-day business dealings. Bringing people together and sharing knowledge and expertise freely is something ECOTECH is particularly passionate about. For example, ECOTECH routinely hosts a worldwide distributor conference that customers travel from all over the globe to attend. The 2018 event will be hosted in Lyon, France this October. “ Through our long-standing relationships, we understand environmental challenges, particularly in those countries that are rapidly industrialising and need to adapt to meet changing community needs. ” “I find it very rewarding to develop close relationships with our distributors. Over time, many customers have become personal friends,” says Michael. (Continues on page 20) 19


Spec Sheets




ACOEM Environment Nordic Environmental Monitoring brochure
ACOEM Environment Smart Cities Environmental Monitoring, 01dB & ECOTECH brochure
ECOTECH AQMesh brochure and spec sheet
ECOTECH Ambient Air Brochure
ECOTECH Asset Management System - AMS - brochure
ECOTECH Aurora Integrating Nephelometers
ECOTECH Blast Monitoring brochure
ECOTECH Calibration Services brochure
ECOTECH Company Profile
ECOTECH Congrego Data Logger brochure
ECOTECH Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) Brochure
ECOTECH Europe Solution Snapshot brochure
ECOTECH India Solution Snapshot brochure
ECOTECH Integrated Noise Monitoring Systems brochure
ECOTECH Integro LIDAR Network brochure
ECOTECH NATA Accreditation brochure
ECOTECH Operations and Maintenance brochure
ECOTECH Serinus 60 NO2 Gas Analyser
ECOTECH Serinus Gas Calibrators
ECOTECH Solution Snapshot brochure
ECOTECH Spectronus FTIR brochure
ECOTECH Water Product Portfolio Brochure
ECOTECH Water Services brochure
ECOTECH MAXX Portable & Fixed Site Samplers brochure
ECOTECH Sintrol Dumo brochure

Spec Sheets

ECOTECH Serinus 10 O3 Gas Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 30 CO Gas Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 40 NOx Gas Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 50 SO2 Gas Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 44 NOx Gas Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 60 spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 51 SO2-H2S Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 57 Total Reduced Sulfur (TRS) Analyser
ECOTECH Serinus Cal 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus Cal 2000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus Cal 3000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 31 CO2 Carbon Dioxide Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Aurora 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Aurora 2000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Aurora 3000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Aurora 4000 spec sheet
ACOEM Environment AETHLABS microAeth AE51
ACOEM Environment AETHLABS microAeth MA200 Black Carbon Monitor
ACOEM Environment AETHLABS microAeth MA300 Black Carbon Monitor
ACOEM Environment AETHLABS microAeth MA350 Black Carbon Monitor
ECOTECH Air 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Certa 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH HiVol 3000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Met One Instruments E-FRM Particulate Sampler
ECOTECH MicroVol 1100 spec sheet
ECOTECH Model 8301 Series Zero Air Generators spec sheet
ECOTECH Model 8302 Dilution Probe Controller
ECOTECH Protinus 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH BAM 1022 spec sheet
ECOTECH Exactus BAM spec sheet
ECOTECH Spirant BAM spec sheet


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