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Air Monitors

Air Monitors Strengthened Across UK More than 40 towns and cities in the UK are at or have exceeded air pollution limits set by the World Health Organization (WHO) reported BBC News on 4 May 2018. Areas that exceeded this level included London, Manchester and Swansea. Source: health-43964341 Air Monitors Ltd becomes an official UK distributor for ECOTECH environmental monitoring instruments including the Serinus ® range of world-class reference quality gas analysers. The ECOTECH Group has enjoyed a long and successful working relationship with Air Monitors Ltd, a privatelyowned UK-based company that specialises in the sale, service and maintenance of world-class environmental monitoring technologies. As a distributor for the ECOTECH range of Serinus ® gas analysers and Aurora ® integrating nephelometers, Air Monitors Ltd has always provided UK customers with exceptional after-sales service and ongoing local support for ECOTECH equipment. Building on the strengths of existing relationships 2018 marks a new chapter in the partnership between the two companies, as Air Monitors Ltd is awarded the official role of major distributor. Now selling the full range of ECOTECH environmental monitoring instruments and systems across the United Kingdom. TOGETHER 2018 Issue 4

Air Monitors is headquarted in Gloucestershire, South West England, with a regional office in Scotland. Their products are MCERTS approved, and they boast a large team of dedicated and knowledgeable sales, maintenance and technical support staff, with expertise in equipment calibration, reporting and data analysis services. “We pride ourselves on our commitment to offering environmental monitoring solutions made up of the finest products, technology and services designed to comply with British and European environmental regulations and standards,” commented Jim Mills, Managing Director of Air Monitors Ltd. “Being able to sell, install and maintain the entire range of ECOTECH instruments, we are confident that we’re providing industry, government and research organisations with value-added services and the best possible options in environmental monitoring.” Boosting ECOTECH’s global footprint With established offices in France and Sweden, for ECOTECH, deepening the relationship with Air Monitors Ltd in the UK represents another example of the company’s commitment to servicing the European market and expanding operations in the region. “Local knowledge, global expertise,” stated Felicity Sharp, Head of ECOTECH Europe. “Working together with likeminded people. Going beyond thought leadership to find commercial insight. Building new solutions together. This is how we help our distributors and their customers succeed.” “This is an opportunity to reinforce and build on the synergies that have long existed between our two companies” “ This is an opportunity to reinforce and build on the synergies that have long existed between our two companies. ” “Air Monitors Ltd’s experience in the UK environmental monitoring market and extensive familiarity with ECOTECH products ensures that customers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland receive superior service and advice when purchasing ECOTECH instruments,” she added. For more information about ECOTECH contact Felicity Sharp on +33 6 6544 1064 or For more information about Air Monitors Ltd contact Jim Mills on +44 1684 857 530 or 13


Spec Sheets




ACOEM Environment Nordic Environmental Monitoring brochure
ACOEM Environment Smart Cities Environmental Monitoring, 01dB & ECOTECH brochure
ECOTECH AQMesh brochure and spec sheet
ECOTECH Ambient Air Brochure
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Spec Sheets

ECOTECH Serinus 10 O3 Gas Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 30 CO Gas Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 40 NOx Gas Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 50 SO2 Gas Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 44 NOx Gas Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 60 spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 51 SO2-H2S Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 57 Total Reduced Sulfur (TRS) Analyser
ECOTECH Serinus Cal 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus Cal 2000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus Cal 3000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 31 CO2 Carbon Dioxide Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Aurora 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Aurora 2000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Aurora 3000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Aurora 4000 spec sheet
ACOEM Environment AETHLABS microAeth AE51
ACOEM Environment AETHLABS microAeth MA200 Black Carbon Monitor
ACOEM Environment AETHLABS microAeth MA300 Black Carbon Monitor
ACOEM Environment AETHLABS microAeth MA350 Black Carbon Monitor
ECOTECH Air 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Certa 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH HiVol 3000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Met One Instruments E-FRM Particulate Sampler
ECOTECH MicroVol 1100 spec sheet
ECOTECH Model 8301 Series Zero Air Generators spec sheet
ECOTECH Model 8302 Dilution Probe Controller
ECOTECH Protinus 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH BAM 1022 spec sheet
ECOTECH Exactus BAM spec sheet
ECOTECH Spirant BAM spec sheet


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