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ECOTECH TOGETHER magazine Issue 3

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ECOTECH TOGETHER magazine issue 3

Safety Training Takes

Safety Training Takes Centre Stage at ECOTECH in India Main pic: ACOEM ECOTECH Industries Pvt Ltd Operations Manager, Paresh Gandhi leads by example. Above: ECOTECH Industries Production and Warehouse staff member, Ms Poonam Dole learns how to use a fire extinguisher correctly as part of regular fire safety training at ECOTECH’s manufacturing facility in India. An intensive and highly informative fire safety training session late 2017 boosted safety standards at ECOTECH’s manufacturing facility in Indore, India. Led by ACOEM ECOTECH Industries Pvt Ltd Operations Manager Paresh Gandhi and conducted by a professional fire safety trainer, the fire safety training session provided 30 ECOTECH team members with hands-on training in the use of fire extinguishers for electronic and non-electronic based fires. Fire safety training sessions are run at the ECOTECH facility on a regular basis and all fire extinguishers are replaced at mandated expiry dates. These stringent regulations help to ensure that the highest standards of safety are maintained at all times throughout the ECOTECH facility. ECOTECH has a strong culture of risk management and a systematic approach to health and safety management. ECOTECH offices in Australia are certified to TOGETHER 2018 Issue 3

“ Safety is ECOTECH’s highest priority for our employees. ” AS/NZS 4081 Occupational Health & Safety Management system independently audited by BSI Group. ECOTECH Managers like Paresh consistently display Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) leadership by engaging with employees and other stakeholders about safety issues including regulatory compliance and site-specific obligations. “Safety is ECOTECH’s highest priority for our employees within the facility and at the multiple work sites we operate and maintain for our customers,” said Paresh. “Practical training sessions like how to use fire extinguishers allow my staff to get involved and take ownership by identifying, assessing and mitigating safety hazards when they work,” he added. To learn more about ECOTECH in India contact Manoj Kumar or Gautam Sakuja at or visit TOGETHER is a magazine published by ECOTECH Pty Ltd ABN 32 005 752 081. Subscription is free and available directly from ECOTECH. Important Notice: The information contained in this magazine is given in good faith. To the maximum extent permitted by law, neither ECOTECH, its employees, contractors or distributors accept any liability for loss or damage arising as a result of any person acting on information contained in this magazine. Specifications subject to change without notice. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Ecotech, Serinus, Airodis, Aurora, Congrego, Integro, Spectronus are trademarks or registered trademarks of ECOTECH Pty Ltd in the United States and/or other countries. © 2018 ECOTECH Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. 31


Spec Sheets




ACOEM Environment Nordic Environmental Monitoring brochure
ACOEM Environment Smart Cities Environmental Monitoring, 01dB & ECOTECH brochure
ECOTECH AQMesh brochure and spec sheet
ECOTECH Ambient Air Brochure
ECOTECH Asset Management System - AMS - brochure
ECOTECH Aurora Integrating Nephelometers
ECOTECH Blast Monitoring brochure
ECOTECH Calibration Services brochure
ECOTECH Company Profile
ECOTECH Congrego Data Loggers brochure
ECOTECH Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) Brochure
ECOTECH Europe Solution Snapshot brochure
ECOTECH India Solution Snapshot brochure
ECOTECH Integrated Noise Monitoring Systems brochure
ECOTECH Integro LIDAR Network brochure
ECOTECH NATA Accreditation brochure
ECOTECH Operations and Maintenance brochure
ECOTECH Palas Fidas 200 brochure
ECOTECH Serinus 60 NO2 Gas Analyser
ECOTECH Serinus Gas Calibrators
ECOTECH Solution Snapshot brochure
ECOTECH Spectronus FTIR brochure
ECOTECH Water Product Portfolio Brochure
ECOTECH Water Services brochure
ECOTECH MAXX Portable & Fixed Site Samplers brochure
ECOTECH Sintrol Dumo brochure
ACOEM Smart Industry Reliability Services Solution Snapshot brochure
ACOEM FIXTURLASER LASER Geometry Measurements brochure
ACOEM CTC Vibration Monitoring & Machinery Protection Product Overview brochure
ACOEM CTC Vibration Analysis Hardware for the Paper Industry brochure
ACOEM CTC PRO Protection & Reliability Optimisation Instruments brochure
ACOEM CTC PRO Headquarters brochure
ACOEM CTC PRO (Protection & Reliability Optimisation) Vibration Switch Kits brochure
ACOEM CTC KT-DA1001 Series Proximity Probe Kit brochure
ACOEM CTC PPS Connector Series brochure
ACOEM ONEPROD Falcon brochure 2020
ACOEM Healthy Schools Index (HSI) brochure
ACOEM Acoustic Threat Detection brochure 20200114

Spec Sheets

ECOTECH Serinus 10 O3 Gas Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 30 CO Gas Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 40 NOx Gas Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 50 SO2 Gas Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 44 NOx Gas Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 60 spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 51 SO2-H2S Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 57 Total Reduced Sulfur (TRS) Analyser
ECOTECH Serinus Cal 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus Cal 2000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus Cal 3000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 31 CO2 Carbon Dioxide Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH Serinus 40T Trace Oxides of Nitrogen Analyser
ECOTECH Serinus 50T Trace Sulfur Dioxide Analyser
ECOTECH Aurora 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Aurora 2000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Aurora 3000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Aurora 4000 spec sheet
ACOEM Environment AETHLABS microAeth AE51
ACOEM Environment AETHLABS microAeth MA200 Black Carbon Monitor
ACOEM Environment AETHLABS microAeth MA300 Black Carbon Monitor
ACOEM Environment AETHLABS microAeth MA350 Black Carbon Monitor
ECOTECH ACS 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Air 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Calibration Services brochure
ECOTECH Certa 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH HiVol 3000 spec sheet
ECOTECH Met One Instruments E-FRM Particulate Sampler
ECOTECH MicroVol 1100 spec sheet
ECOTECH Model 8301 Series Zero Air Generators spec sheet
ECOTECH Model 8302 Dilution Probe Controller
ECOTECH NATA Accreditation brochure
ECOTECH Protinus 1000 spec sheet
ECOTECH VOC 1000 Methane Analyser spec sheet
ECOTECH BAM 1022 spec sheet
ECOTECH Exactus BAM spec sheet
ECOTECH Spirant BAM spec sheet


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