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ECOTECH Integro LIDAR Network brochure

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ECOTECH Integro LIDAR Network brochure


The Integro LIDAR Network A complete dust measurement and monitoring system The Integro LIDAR Network is a turnkey solution with the powerful potential to monitor, display in real-time and provide feedback to on-site dust suppression systems. DUST AND METEOROLOGICAL MONITORING STATIONS These stations measure dust concentration to regulatory standards along with wind speed and direction. The Integro TM LIDAR Network also uses these measurements to correlate the scanned data. LIDAR TECHNOLOGY LIDAR technology, developed by Leosphere, is used to continuously scan an area and accurately measure dust concentration and radial wind speed/wind direction to identify dust emission sources and dust dispersion trajectories. AIRODIS SOFTWARE Data from the LIDAR instrument and the monitoring stations is correlated to determine the mass concentration (µg/m 3 ) levels of dust dispersion every 5-10 minutes. Reports are displayed on a web page in graphical format, including live video visualising the aerosol plumes recorded by the LIDAR technology. DUST MANAGEMENT MEASURES Operation managers use the data to immediately implement targeted dust management measures. AIRODIS CONTROL SYSTEM INTERFACE Interface software provides automated feedback to the site’s PLC to trigger dust suppression equipment.

LEOSPHERE WINDCUBE TECHNOLOGY The Leosphere Windcube is a LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) instrument. It is a vital part of the network as it accurately measures dust emission sources and dust movement over a scanned area. This overcomes the limitation of fixed dust monitoring stations, where detection is delayed because the dust must first move towards the station. Real-time information from a scanned area allows facility managers to track dust behaviour from the exact emission source and immediately respond with a corrective action plan. The Leosphere Windcube can be configured to complete several different scan types. At most sites, the two common configurations are radial (PPI) and vertical (RHI) scans. The coverage area of the scan is determined in consultation with the facility. Scan areas range from a few hundred metres up to 12 kilometres. PLAN POSITION INDICATION (PPI) PPI is a radial or plan scan which covers a full 360 degree rotation, or a targeted partial segment. Radial wind speed and wind direction data is also recorded during this scan. PPI RANGE HEIGHT INDICATION (RHI) RHI is a vertical scan that determines the lift off and ceiling height of the dust plume. The Leosphere Windcube is configured to allow operators to effectively visualise the dust lift off point and dust plume dispersion. The scan configuration will depend on the size of the area to be scanned and the desired resolution of the dispersion images. RHI 15 O Typically for a stockpile area, a PPI scan and an RHI scan would be completed within a 5-10 minute time period, with dust plume data uploaded to Airodis at the completion of the scan. | 5


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