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ECOTECH Aurora Integrating Nephelometers

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ECOTECH Aurora integrating nephelometers. Aerosol monitoring & atmospheric research.

The perfect complement

The perfect complement ACS 1000 Innovation in hygroscopic study ECOTECH’s Aerosol Conditioning System (ACS 1000) can be used with most aerosol monitoring instruments, adjusting relative humidity with minimal particle loss to measure the effect of water uptake on the properties of aerosols. The ACS 1000 simultaneously controls differing relative humidity levels in two sample channels, allowing real-time measurement by parallel instruments for comparison. FEATURES Sample RH controllable between 40 % and 90 % with minimal particle loss Options, features & accessories matrix Mass Flow Control Option PART NO: E011010 ü ü PM 10 Inlet PART NO: H020449 ü ü ü ü PM 2.5 Inlet PART NO: H020450 ü ü ü ü Automated Ball Valve Option PART NO: E011009 ü ü ü ü Upgrade LDL Option PART NO: E011007 ü ü† External Pump Controller Kit PART NO: E011006 ü ü ü ü External Pump Kit PART NO: H020332 ü ü ü ü† External Pump PART NO: P030004 ü ü ü ü AURORA 1000 AURORA 2000 AURORA 3000 AURORA 4000 Aerosol Conditioning System (ACS 1000) ü ü ü ü* Customisable flow and humidograms Ability to Log Raw Data ü ü ü Autoranging power supply 110-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz Ability to Display Units in µg/m 3 Using Spirant BAM or User K Factor ü Calibration Kit PART NO: H020331 ü ü ü ü Controls RH within ±0.2 % (1σ) External 12 Volt Cable Kit PART NO: C020022 ü ü ü ü Exhaust Tube Kit PART NO: H020330 ü ü ü ü Service Kit PART NO: H020335 ü ü ü ü Wall Mounting Bracket PART NO: H020005 ü ü ü ü Roof Flange PART NO: ECO-M9003004 ü ü ü ü Rain Cap PART NO: ECO-M9003011 ü ü ü ü “Ammonium sulfate particles light scattering enhancement (f(RH)) calculated (red markers) and measured by the ACS 1000 (blue dots) and the WetNeph developed by the Paul Scherrer Institute (green dots). The errors bars represent the precision of the RH measurements according to the manufacturer. “ Laborde et al. 2015, in prep. Black Silicone Carbon Tubing PART NO: TUB-1015 ü ü ü ü 1/2" Inlet Tube (0.8 m, 1 m, 1.5 m or 2 m) PART NO: H02032N (REFER TO FOOTNOTE) ü ü ü ü † The selected Aurora comes standard with this feature * The Aurora 3000 & 4000 gives RH feedback to the ACS 1000 N = 0 (0.8 m insulated), 2 (1 m un-insulated), 3 (1.5 m un-insulated) or 4 (2 m uninsulated) for Sample Inlet Tube | 7


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Spec Sheets

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