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ECOTECH Aurora Integrating Nephelometers

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ECOTECH Aurora integrating nephelometers. Aerosol monitoring & atmospheric research.

Affordable excellence

Affordable excellence WORLD-CLASS AEROSOL MONITORING & MEASUREMENT Today, right around the world, atmospheric scientists and environmental agencies rely on ECOTECH’s range of Aurora integrating nephelometers. They've proven themselves to not only be accurate, flexible and easy to use, but also transportable and designed to cope with the demands of use in remote locations. • Comprehensive range of nephelometers; from single or three wavelength integrating nephelometers to a polar three wavelength integrating nephelometer • The Aurora range offers total remote control including calibration • Rugged and robust. Proven capability in remote, unattended locations for long term monitoring • Fully integrated with ECOTECH’s Airodis , the data collection, validation and reporting software • User friendly and easy to maintain in the field • Uncompromising performance with low cost of ownership. AURORA 1000 Clear choice for visibility monitoring The Aurora 1000 is the perfect choice for any air quality monitoring system. It is a highly costeffective entry level instrument uncompromised in its reliability and designed to run in extreme conditions. Multiple options, features and accessories are available to be used in conjunction with the Aurora range. Refer to matrix table on page 7 for a list of options and compatibility. FEATURES Single wavelength, available in 525 nm, 450 nm or 635 nm Wide measurement range (0.3 to 20,000 Mm -1 ) Fully automatic calibration using internal valves; ideal for remote locations. VISIBILITY APPLICATION Better correlation Visibility can be impaired by anything present in the air that reduces the amount of light reaching the observer, through scattering or absorption. Common visibility deterioration is due to high particulate concentration or high humidity. Particles can be of natural or anthropogenic origin, for example, from car emissions, wood burning, sandstorms, volcanic eruptions or smog. Aurora integrating nephelometers are an ideal solution to help us in understanding, identifying and planning ways to control pollution and the imbalance in or degradation of the environment. This is why governments and Environmental Protection Authorities (EPA’s) use our Aurora in visibility applications. AUTOMOBILE APPLICATION Emissions from diesel exhaust is a known source of health deterioration. This is why reliable environmental monitoring is absolutely crucial for the automobile industry for whom compliance with regulatory standards is non-negotiable. The Aurora meets the specific requirements for measuring diesel exhaust particulate emissions, by addressing some of the monitoring concerns such as: • Linearity - The Aurora gives a linear response with emissions at extremely high particulate concentrations due to the use of optical measurement principle AURORA 2000 Real-time mass concentration Using a single wavelength nephelometer (525 nm, 450 nm or 635 nm) to measure aerosol light scattering in conjunction with a Spirant BAM*, the Aurora 2000 uses the reading from the Spirant BAM’s hourly average to calculate a correlation factor to derive real-time PM 2.5 concentrations. When the Spirant BAM is not connected the user can manually derive and enter a correlation factor. *The Spirant BAM measures and records airborne particulate concentrations using a ß ray attenuation method. FEATURES Enables real-time PM 2.5 concentration measurement in conjunction with a Spirant BAM 12V DC (110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz power converter included) 13 watts nominal, 45 watts max. • Clogging - No filter used preventing clogging of the sample system Severe dust storm in Sydney, Australia • Hot sampling - Robust design of the instrument; dilution possible due to instrument being free of filter and pump. | 3


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Spec Sheets

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